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Production techniques and formats seem to change constantly these days; what has not changed is a clients’ need to tell their story in a way that engages and informs customers, employees, donors and investors. TKPS video production services allow you to tell YOUR story YOUR way.

It’s like this. Unlike many producers, I am flexible in my approach to your project. Need it all? No problem. I can provide professional direction, the highest quality technical support (including high definition cameras as standard equipment), copywriting support or script supervision, on-camera and voice-over talent casting and direction, editing and post-production including graphic development, web posting and DVD authoring and duplication.

But I am also willing to help you realize your vision by joining your creative team at any point in the project where it meets your needs and working within your budget, large or small.

In just the past year, TKPS created the video brochure for an award-winning product launch campaign, a high-energy motivational video to open a large corporate sales meeting, several promotional trailers to engage concert-goers at outdoor music festivals and arena-size conferences, video press kits and an interactive, multi-component DVD of bonus material to support a multi-million dollar audio project and a short video supporting the work of a local, non-profit organization.